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Wig & Hair Extension Steamer

Wig & Hair Extension Steamer

Beauty By Echika

Pruiken en Hair Extensions steamer. De enige styling tool die ook aangeraden wordt voor synthetische pruilen. Gebruik de steamer om het haar te stylen of te her-stylen om krullen te maken of te verwijderen.

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Haar stomer voor hair weave, hair extensions en pruiken. Ideaal als styling tool en om kroes uit het haar te verwijderen of om permanente krullen te maken.

Onze Pruiken & Hair Extension stomer kan worden gebruikt voor het (her)krullen of stijlen van synthetische en human hair haarstukken.

Check onze blog over het hertrainen van krullen hier


Beschrijving bij gebruik van synthetisch haar: 

Why Steam?

A Streamer is a useful tool for any alternative hair stylist working with synthetic and/or heat resistant fibers. The steam allows you to change curl pattern, hair derection, partings, as well as smooth ‘friction frizz’ caused by wear over time. Since you cannot apply a ‘dry heat’ to traditional synthetic fibres (i. e curling irons, flat irons, ect). Streamers give you all the styling options you may need without causing damage.

Features + benefits of Jon Renau Streamer

  • 3 times more power than any other hand-held streamer avaliable on the market
  • ON/OFF switch with indicator light
  • 300-watt heating element, automatic shut-off when water runs out.
  • Double silicone seal to eliminate water leakage and enhanc safetly
  • Requires only top water: no additives needed
  • Easy-to-fill water reservoir
  • No internal water lines or pumps to became clogg by hard water sediments
  • Special outer housing for cool-to-the-touch operation
  • 6-foot long power card for more manageable handling
  • Compact and lightweight for travel


How to use your steamer

To change the parting

  1. Use your wide tooth comb and part hair into desired part
  2. Use comb to hold hair in place as yu apply steam in a side-toside motion

Do not hold steamer in one place for more than 3 seconds

  1. Remove steam and allw fiber to cool and dry completely


To smooth fiber

  1. Lightly mist sectopn with detangling spray
  2. Using a heat resistant fibe-tooth comb, direct the fiber into a smooth, downward direction
  3. Direct the steam at the area you wish to smooth, keeping the stemer nazzle above your working hand
  4. Using a side-to-side motion apply the steam to the area while genlty combing the fibr straight. Do noy hoold steamer in one place fior more than 3 seconds
  5. Allow fiber to col and dry completely in the desired shae

To curl fiber

  1. Lightly mist hair with detangling spray
  2. Lightly mist hair with flexible spray gel
  3. Roll fiber onto roller; clip to secure
  4. Using a side-toside otion, aplly the steam toe ach roller/curling iron rod.
  5. Allow fiber to cool and dry completely on the roller
  6. Once completely dry, remove rollers and style as desired.


Tips + Tricks

  • Be cautious to never place your hand or arm directly in front of the nazzle or in the line of steam, as this can cause serious burns
  • Remeber that steaming will permanently chang the shape and direction of the fiber until it is re-steamed again
  • All fiber must cool and dry completly in order to hold the desired shape
  • Detangling spray works well to help soften fiber and help with tangling while steaming
  • Turn off steamer when finshed and discard of any unused water after each use
  • Wrap cord during storage to prevent damage and ALWAYS KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN
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