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Russian I Tip | Silver

Russian I Tip | Silver

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What are I Tip Extensions?

I-tip extensions, also known as micro ring extensions, are a type of extension in which the tip is pushed through a micro ring and then clamped shut. The top is made in an i-shape and consists of a keratin layer. This layer is often flexible so that it is squeezed during the flattening of the ring, making it more firmly attached.

Here too you can actually pull all the pros and cons of the nano ring extensions over the same side, but with I-tip extensions you can get more hair through the ring, which is better for the hair.

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How much should I order?

Full Hair Extension:

1-2 packs recommended (100-200 grams)

Volume treatment:

1 pack recommended (100 grams)

Extensions from Beauty by Echika can be ordered from stock or custom made. You determine the color, length, texture and quantity yourself. In short, you put together your ideal set of extensions, completely suitable for every hair type.

Are you reading this as an individual? Then always have your hair wefts placed by a professional!

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