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Custom hair | Tape weft
Custom hair | Tape weft
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Custom hair | Tape weft
Custom hair | Tape weft

Custom hair | Tape weft

Beauty By Echika
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What are tape wefts?

Tape Weft Extensions are Tape Extensions but on 1 long track. You can therefore cut it to size and use it over the entire length, just like a Machine and Flat Weft. The biggest advantage compared to the 4cm tapes is that placing and repositioning is much faster.

Our tape wefts are made from top quality human hair, which makes them long lasting and blends in beautifully with your own hair. We recommend raising the tape wefts every 6-8 weeks. You can often reuse our wefts if you treat them properly.

By using our tape roll you can reuse the tape wefts several times. Remove the strips from the hair with our remover, then remove the old tape layer from the weft and stick new ones on.

Product highlights

  • 100% Vietnamese Human Hair
  • Raising the tape wefts every 6-8 weeks.
  • The extensions can last 12-24 months with proper hair care.
  • Price per 50 grams
  • 10 to 32 inches
  • Mix up to 4 colors in one piece and choose from 15 hair types


In light colours, curls and WAVES do not stay in place as well. This is because the structure is made by means of hot steam. Light hairs are chemically treated and less strong, which makes it less effective.

Always use the CG method.

We do not guarantee the sagging of the curl. Ordering is entirely at your own risk. This applies to every order with curls or waves, for both light and dark hair.

The lighter the color and curl, the less long it stays in place and the greater the chance of sagging (evenly). The example curls are on the undyed natural shade 1B.

Do you maintain the extensions well with the CG method and the right products? Then you would have about 2 years lifespan with the black and dark brown curls.



Mix colors

  • Choose up to 4 colors in 1 piece, this may also be percentages such as 80% 4, 20% 60; this is how you create highlights.

In the open box "color(s)", write down your color combo's like this: "10% 2, 25% 4Q, 35% 3, 30% 6C"


  • Ombre is (often) not possible in colors that end with: C/H/Q, but if you really want this, we can give it a try. Keep in mind that the color may turn out differently than the color swatch.
  • Only 1 color below and 1 color above, starting from about 3 inch 'roots'. You can also choose for example: 6" color 1 at the top and 12" color 60 at the bottom.

Write down your ombres in this way in the open box; " 3" color 6 top, 15" color 22 bottom"


How much should I order?

Full Hair Extension:
2-4 packs recommended (100-200 grams)
Volume treatment:
1-2 packs recommended (50-100 grams)

For lengths longer than 24" it is wise to take 4-6 packs (200-300 grams)


Tape wefts from Beauty by Echika can be ordered from stock or custom made. You determine the color, length, texture and quantity yourself. In short, you put together your ideal set of extensions, completely matching every hairtype.

Are you reading this as an individual? Then always have your hair wefts placed by a professional!


These hair extensions are adapted to your specifications, so the right of withdrawal expires!

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