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“Thanks to our broad product portfolio and our extensive service, we are accessible to everyone”

Five years ago, twenty-five-year-old Echika Hagedoorn-Struik founded the company Beauty by Echika, a wholesale company for hair extensions. It is striking that Echika does not have a hairdressing background, but does have an enormous passion for hair works and hair extensions. We will talk to her about how that passion came about and what the vision is of her company, which she runs together with her husband.

As a little girl, Echika was frustrated with her thin hair. That frustration is the beginning of what would eventually become Beauty by Echika. “My sister had nice and thick hair and I wanted that too. At a young age I was therefore already fascinated by hair extensions and hair works. I did a lot of research and bought extensions for myself via marketplaces. When I was sixteen I went to a salon for the first time to get hair extensions. This has done a lot of damage to my hair. I thought that was so terrible, that I started to delve even more into hair extensions to never let this happen again. From there I started contacting suppliers of hair extensions to be able to provide myself with a high-quality product and then I decided to set up my own webshop, called Beauty by Echika.”

The purpose of establishing Beauty by Echika? Ensuring that everyone can enjoy beautiful, high-quality and affordable hairpieces. “Everyone could order hair extensions through our webshop, and in the beginning these were mainly consumers. They regularly had their extensions put in by their own hairdresser. As a result, more and more hairdressers came to us to buy the extensions themselves. From that moment on we started to focus more and more on hair salons. They also benefit from exclusive and competitive prices on our website.”

Extensive range

When asked what makes the company unique, Echika answers: “We have an extensive range that includes Flat Wefts, Hand-tied Wefts, Nano Wefts, Tape Extensions, Machine Wefts, European hair, hairpieces, various supplies and much more. . In addition, our prices are very accessible because we buy large stocks and keep our margins low. As a result, the hair salon benefits from competitive prices. And because as a salon owner you determine which prices you use in the salon, you also determine your own margin.” Beauty by Echika also offers salon owners the opportunity to have hair made to measure. Echika explains: “We want to be able to meet every hairdresser and their customers' needs. That is why hairdressers can also have our collection completely customized by choosing from fifteen different structures and four colors in one piece of extension, which are available up to 80 cm in length. It is also possible to have ombres made in different proportions. This way you can provide every customer with the right color and structure.”

Own label

It is also possible to start your own label as a hair salon via Beauty by Echika. “The reason we made this possible? Because we want to give hairdressing salons the opportunity to offer their customers something extra and unique. If you order your stock of hair extensions from us, we will provide the extensions with your logo. This not only looks professional in the salon, it also means that you sell your own line and determine your own profit. You determine the price that you charge your customers. You decide what types of extensions you sell and how you present them. By attaching your label to the extensions, you create exclusivity for your customers.”


Beauty by Echika has only been around for five years, but has experienced enormous growth in that period. “We had not expected that we would grow so quickly, but of course we hoped. By always being honest with our customers about the origin and quality of our products and by offering a fair price, many hairdressers find their way to our webshop and showroom, where hairdressers can feel and experience the products themselves. In addition, it is our passion to provide hairdressers and ultimately the end consumer with beautiful hair. If someone is not satisfied, we will deal with it. I personally know what it's like not to be happy with your hair, and that's why we do everything we can to provide good products that are accessible to everyone," says Echika.

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