What makes our extensive color range so special?

Mixing colors and textures is essential for achieving the most natural-looking result! In 9 out of 10 cases, customers desire more than one shade in their hair. Just a few years ago, the only mixed colors available on the market were the "piano" colors, which were characterized by a 50/50 blend of light blonde and dark brown in a striped pattern. Nowadays, we offer a wide variety of colors with natural blends. By combining similar colors to create strands or sections with a beautiful mix of tones and dimensions, matching the hair has become easier than ever before.

Our comprehensive assortment consists of over 100 colors when all collections are combined.


Are your Hair Extensions and Hairpieces Double Drawn?

Our Vietnamese Collection is Super Double Drawn up to 60cm.

Our Russian Collection and our hairpieces are Double Drawn.

What is the lifespan and is it made from real hair?

Our Vietnamese Collection has a lifespan of no less than 1-2 years, if not longer. Provided  if you apply the right care. This collection consists of Virgin and Raw hair and therefore has no chemical protective layer (coating). This ensures that the hair can last much longer, but only if you ALWAYS apply the right care.


You can wash, style, color & decolor these hairs.

Our Russian Collection has a lifespan of 9-18 months. These hairs are nice and thick, but coated. This collection consists of 100% Remy Human Hair.

You can wash, style & color this hair.

Our Hairpieces are also made of 100% Remy Human Hair, but not the Russian quality. This is also not necessary for hairpieces because you will not sleep with them. Our hairpieces have a lifespan of 6-12 months with daily use.

You can wash, style & color this hair.

Hair Care

How should I brush my hair?


How should you brush extensions?

To prevent tangles and to ensure that extensions break off less quickly, it is important that you brush your hair extensions regularly. Just like you should brush your natural hair regularly!


Always start brushing at the ends of your hair. Then work your way up to the roots. Are you starting right away? Then you brush any knots or tangles all the way down, which makes them build up and your hair can break down faster. We don't want that!

How do I wash my hair?

Washing extensions: this is how you do it!

Tip number 1 thing to keep extensions as beautiful as possible: wash extensions as little as possible! Preferably once a week. Not more!


Before you start washing, we recommend brushing the extensions well. Again, the following applies: start at the bottom and only work up with the brush when everything is tangle-free.


We recommend always using a sulfate and silicone free shampoo for washing extensions. Why? Sulfates clean the hair and scalp so intensely that it dries out the extensions and scalp. Silicones weigh down the hair and apply a kind of layer around each hair, which eventually makes the hair dull and tangles faster. This layer also ensures that care products are absorbed less well. We don't want that!


Always use a product that closes the hair cuticle after shampooing. For example, a conditioner or hair mask. A hair mask often works just a bit better, because it also nourishes the hair extra.


We recommend using quality products, such as hairdressing products.


Steilish's products are perfect for every hair type and have been tested for a long time on our hair extensions. You order this here.

How do I blow-dry my hair properly?

This is how you should dry extensions

After washing the hair and extensions, it is very important that everything is dried thoroughly. If this is not done and the hair dries in the air, the care products cannot fully work. The hair also becomes fluffy due to moisture and friction, so it can break down faster. Because of all the friction and moisture, the hair cuticles stand in all directions, making it faster to knot and your hair to break. Trust us, you don't want that!


We therefore always recommend drying extensions with a hair dryer after washing. For example, use our Multi Airstyler from Max Pro. With an ordinary hair dryer you blow all hair cuticles in the wrong direction, so that your hair still becomes fluffy.


Don't have a hair dryer brush? Then use a hair dryer in combination with a hairbrush. Do not use it without a brush! Ceramic hairbrushes or our own hairbrush are perfect for this.


Tip: for drying the hair, start at the tips and slowly work towards the roots.


Don't forget to use a leave-in conditioner or a product with heat protection before blow-drying to protect your hair against the heat of the blow-dryer.


If you want, you can also straighten or curl the extensions after blow-drying. We are a huge fan of the Max Pro styling tools. For styling, curling and drying the hair!

After Care

How to care for extensions

Proper care of extensions is key. Therefore, in addition to a leave-in conditioner and heat protection, always use a hair serum or oil. This ensures that the extensions feel soft, fall smoothly and are protected against external influences.


You need very little of an oil or serum. Often 2 or 3 drops are enough. Do this on your hands and divide it over the lengths of the hair. You can simply run your hands through the hair.


Our favorite product to take care of the extensions is Jean Robert's Argan Oil. We do not recommend Olaplex care products in combination with our extensions.


My hair is dry, what now?

First ask yourself whether you (or your customer) adhere to the care rules.


If you order hair extensions or hairpieces from us, you will receive a brochure that contains everything about the guarantee. Read this carefully. We therefore expect our business customers to also pass this on to the end consumer. You can do this by printing out our care blog. You can also give us the supplied brochure, but then you MUST communicate clearly that they are NOT allowed to contact us due to the Privacy Legislation.


If the customer says they are following the care rules and the hair is still dry, we recommend that you take care of the hair together with the customer in the salon. Think of; wash, conditioner, mask, blow dry properly and after care (argan oil for example). That way they can watch closely.


If it really can't be any less dry, you have the option to send it back to us. We will then evaluate the hair as described above and come up with a suitable solution. However, if the hair is good, we will charge 25 euros for sending the hair back to the business customer.


Please note that the warranty expires completely after using paint, decolorization and silver shampoo.


Why? Because it is legally no longer in "original condition".


Will you return the item for review? Then these rules apply:


1. After reporting your complaint, you must legally return it within 30 days


2. Check the warranty conditions carefully.


3. From the moment of delivery, there is a 3-month warranty on the hair.


We have opted for a 3-month warranty because we have seen from experience that if something goes wrong, it is within this period. If it depends on your own care, we can often use our advice to ensure that the hair revives again. By sticking to the 3 months, we are contacted more quickly so that we can help faster.


The very best hair care products for our extensions are:

Shampoo Steilish Care

Conditioner Steilish Care

Argan Oil 



The Awesome Hair Brush 

Invinity Föhn

Everything about Extensions

How do i remove my extensions?

Removing hair extensions is a profession in itself. Always have your extensions removed by a professional.

Are you reading this as a business customer? Then it is good to educate yourself. We expect our professionals to know what they are doing. If not, you can always order  HET ULTIEME HAIR EXTENSION HANDBOEK

How wide are your Wefts?


The width of the Tape Wefts are: ±70cm per 50g


The width of the Nano Wefts are: 3x30cm per 60g


The width of the Machine Wefts are: ±70cm per 50g


The width of the Flat Wefts are: ±70cm per 50g


The width of the Single Silk Wefts are: ±70cm per 50g


The width of the Double Silk Wefts are: ±35cm per 50g


In general, longer lengths are slightly shorter, but this also differs in color. Dark wefts are often slightly wider. Hence our ± indication.

Verzenden & Retourneren

What should I pay attention to once I have received my package?


If you have received your package, it is important that you immediately check whether everything is present in your package and whether it is the right extensions! It can sometimes happen that we accidentally sent the wrong one. Unfortunately, we sometimes make mistakes. If you have received an incorrect item or broken item, please contact us immediately.

What are the shipping costs & what is the delivery time?

Ordered before 16:00 is shipped today! Excluding Customs, Pre-orders and re-orders.

The Netherlands

€6.49 DHL 1-2 working days



€7.99 DHL 1-2 working days



€9.99 PostNL 1-3 working days


UK, Spain, Austria, Luxembourg, Italy, France

€15 PostNL 3-7 working days (depending on the country) Check PostNL website for more information.

€29.95 UPS 2-3 business days



Rest of the world

€25 PostNL 5-21 working days (depending on the country) Check PostNL website for more information.

€69.95 UPS 2-3 business days

Can I return hairpieces?

Yes this is allowed BUT make sure you do NOT break the seal. This is a sticker that says "product cannot be returned if the seal is broken".


You do have the chance to control the color of the hairpiece as long as you keep the seal closed. These are often tie rips, so they are not allowed to come off! This due to hygiene legislation.


The same goes for hairbrushes, shampoos, conditioners, etc.


The tie rip may also NOT be rid of our hair extensions.

Where can I submit my return?
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