Sell ​​your own hair extension brand

Do you want to sell your own label of hair extensions? You can! We are happy to help you set up your own hair extension brand with your own logo. With your own brand extensions you are ahead of other salons and you offer your customers something truly unique.

How does it work?

Step 1: create a company account
Create an account. Indicate 'business' for type of customer. Fill in the form with your company details.


Step 2: let us know you made an account

With a company account you get a discount on every order. Before we give this discount, you must provide us with your account so that we can check it. Submit your account via info@beautybyechika and state your Chamber of Commerce or VAT number (if you are a Belgian/European customer, only the VAT number will be okay).


Step 3: order your labels, boxes or header cards with your own logo

Order the desired packaging for your own label. Do you want to order a stock of hair extensions right away? Then it is useful to do this together in one order. All supplies, such as the packaging for your own label, micro rings and styling tools are covered by the same volume discount. Whatever quantity you choose, always email or WhatsApp us your own logo and your wishes for the design of the packaging.


Advantages of your own brand label hair extensions

  • Create exclusivity. By creating your own label, you create exclusivity for your customers. After all, your extensions are only available in your salon or webshop!
  • Earn back your branding easily. Because you sell your own brand, you determine the price yourself. This makes it easier to determine your profit margin yourself and you do not have to compare your prices with another salon. After all, your customers can only get the perfect hair extension at your salon or webshop!
  • Own branding and presentation. Thanks to the many options in packaging and labels, you will always find the branding that perfectly suits your company!



We work without minimum orders. With a company account you get a standard discount on every order. Take advantage of an extra discount on larger orders or qualify for an extra discount at every order over time through our loyalty program.


Please note: these larger discounts only apply when manually applied by us. This can be done via a quote, where you can pass on your order to us via email or WhatsApp. But we can also apply the discount in your shopping cart.


Do you opt for a quote? Then this only becomes an official order after approval. Therefore, always check the offer carefully.


Do you choose an adjustment in your shopping cart? Make sure the checkbox 'pack in your own branding' is checked.


Personalized labels, boxes or headercards are not included in the price and cost extra. We package the hair in a hairnet as standard if you only opt for a label. We do the packaging as a service to make our own label accessible to everyone.


Because you can compose the colours, lengths and structures yourself, it is important to choose suitable packaging. To avoid confusion, we do not ship blank. With every order that you place yourself via the website, always click the checkbox 'pack in your own branding' as soon as your packaging is ready.


The prices on our website include VAT. Are you ordering from Belgium or other countries? Then 21% VAT is automatically reversed. For this you can switch a 'VAT switch' on and off in the menu bar.


Ready for your own brand label?

Do you also want to start your own label? Follow the steps at the top of this page!


Do you have any questions? Or do you want advice about purchasing, your ideal stock or presentation? Send an email to or a WhatsApp message to: +31654993209. Or make an appointment to visit our showroom.

We are happy to answer all your questions!

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