Beauty By Echika gives a standard 1 month warranty on hair extensions & hairpieces.

When purchasing our Hair Care Package Small you get a 3-month warranty, and with our Hair Care Package Medium you get a 6-month warranty.

The warranty expires when;

- The product in the outlet has been purchased
- Silver shampoo or other products are used that dry out the hair
- The hair is dyed or bleached
- The products of Olaplex, repair lines or the drugstore are used
- The advised care is not properly observed
- A brush is used with boar hair
- There is also no guarantee on the sagging of curl extensions

Is there something wrong with the hair in its original condition within the warranty period?
Then go to our complaints page.

We ask 9/10 times to return the hair, this is at our expense first.
We will then measure, weigh, wash and dry them and then come to a decision.

If we then conclude that there is nothing wrong, we will charge €25 for all expenses before we send it back to you.
So always check the warranty conditions before returning it.
Can't quite figure it out? Not sure how to take care of it? Read our hairextension care blog or send us a message and we will be happy to help you!

NB! After reporting your complaint, you must legally return the hair within 30 days.

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